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30A Power Supply

Peter Pine
PO Box 324
Pottsville Beach NSW 2489
Phone (02) 6676 1437
Mobile (0407) 732 440
E-mail: ppine@northnet.com.au 
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An ideal solution to battery charging in the workshop - you no longer need to manage a 12V battery just for use in the workshop charging your batteries. Here is a regulated power supply that will convert 240V to a regulated 12V and handle the biggest of chargers up to a whopping 30A output. You need a regulated supply so that you do not damage your charger. This unit gives you safe 12V for use with many chargers and devices. Features.

• Input voltage - 220-240V AC
• Output voltage - 5-20V DC (adjustable)
• Output current - 0-30A (adjustable)
• Output connection - 4mm banana plugs
• Size - 255 x 190 x 100mm
• Weight - 2.0kg
• Overall power protection
• Short circuit protection
• LCD with blue backlighing
•  USB charging socket 5V DC at 0.5A for mobile phones, FlyCam, etc.
• Suitable for fast charging of 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries with cosntant current/ constant voltage
Price - $199

Note - The ability to vary the input voltage makes this unit particularly useful with LiPo chargers that will accept variable input voltage (like the Hyperion EOS 0606 that takes up to 15V, and the V680AC and D680-Pro that take up to 18V) because if you charge 4S, 5S, 6S etc. at a higher input voltage, it will take less amps to charge them. This is more efficient and allows higher capacity packs to be charged.

David White says: The D-680 Pro Duo charger and PS-30 power supply work together very well. I can charge three LiPos simultaneously with the new charger and my old single charger all hooked up to the PS-30 Power Supply. Saves a lot of time!