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In this section I list kits that I can supply to you. I have organised the kits into sections. Under each section I have listed some of the kist available. Click on the links to view specific kits.

Beginning in electric flight - Night Radian, Triple Thermic or RES, LT 200 Flex recommended:

  • Night Radian- only Radian now available, and variously out of stock. Spare parts drying up for early Radians.

Smaller Gliders - most of these are 2.0m wingspan or less, and can be powered with set-ups running on 2S-3S. Some outstanding competition aircraft are included here:

Larger gliders - these are generally bigger than 2.0m wingspan, and are meant for 2S LiPo or higher (3S common):

First Person View:
Pulsar FPV 3.0 unique pusher

Covering selection:
Selection of covering materials for your models

    For Aero-naut kits that can be obtained to order, see the Aero-naut Kits page by clicking this link!

    Let me know if there are any other kits that I can source for you. I can obtain most types that are available. Click on the E-mail address to send me a message.