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Picture of assembled prop unit using an Aero-naut centrepiece (Bottom Right)
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Aeronaut Centrepieces

These centrepieces are made from machined aluminium and provide the ideal yoke for your folding propeller. They have an 8mm hole which matches many types of prop adaptors and precision spinners, and the cheeks are 8mm apart to accept most folding prop blades.

The blades pivot on 3mm bolts with a smooth shaft to allow smooth swivelling, and which also come with nylock nuts for firm attachment.

Remember, when working out prop sizes, that Aeronaut assume a 42mm centrepiece, whereas Graupner assume a 32mm centrepiece. You can vary prop size by varying the size of the centrepiece.

The -5 degree and +5 degrees centrepieces also vary the pitch by about 2 inches, so you can vary the pitch by using these centrepieces.

Spacing between pivot holes Fits Shaft Size Price
34mm (as in cool nose spinners**) 8mm taper $18.95
38mm 8mm $15.00
42mm 8mm $15.50
47mm 8mm $16.00
52mm 8mm $16.50
62mm 8mm $19.50
72mm 8mm $19.95
42mm - blades with 6mm hub 8mm $21.95
42mm three-bladed 8mm $31.50
42mm four-bladed 8mm $39.95
42mm, -2.5 degrees 8mm $18.95
42mm, +2.5 degrees 8mm $19.95
42mm, -5 degrees 8mm $18.95
42mm, +5 degrees 8mm $18.95
NEW - large centrepieces - extra long 62mm and 72mm (third image down from top) - and centrepieces with an extra large 12mm hole to fit big diameter prop holders for motors with 8mm and 10mm shafts.
Spacing between pivot holes Fits Shaft Size Price
47mm 12mm $22.50
52mm 12mm $22.50
NEW: image with green background
38mm centrepiece for blades with a 6mm shank - $19.95
42mm centrepiece for blades with a 6mm shank - $21.95
2mm bolts to pivot blades:
these centrepieces fit Graupner blades with 6mm shanks
Aero-naut have released large parts to match the size of the current crop of electric models and motors - prop holders to fit 8mm and 10mm motor shafts and centrepieces to match (below) - as well as Cool Nose Spinners up to 70mm diameter

** Also -if you want a small centrepiece (pusher situation for example), 34mm centrepieces are now available that fit Cool Nose 30mm spinners - they have a tapered hole in them and any collet from a prop adapter will fit them! Use with any collet and do away with the backplate.
I have these aluminium bushes (right) courtesy of Kim & Brad Turner - produced on a CNC lathe. They are 8mm outside diameter, and 6mm inside diameter. They fit neatly in to the centrepieces so that the centrepiece will fit a 6mm prop holder or shaft. These are available for $2.00 with any purchase - just ask!