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Hyperion Emeter II

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Please note that the new Emeter II is available - contact me for details!
Emeter tells you all you want to know
The Emeter is a device designed especially for electric fliers. It is the brain-child of Phil and Mark Connolly from Melbourne, and is now being manufactured in Hong Kong by Hyperion. Bob Hickman reviewed it in Airborne and was very enthusiastic.

This wonder meter combines a Voltmeter, Ammeter (for measuring Amps), a Tachometer, a Prop Constants and Efficiency Calculator, and a Speed Controller Programmer. What a combination! It also holds the last five displays in memory!

In Motor mode it displays Volts, Amps, Watts and RPM (see photo one) - you will never be guessing again.

In Battery mode it displays charge/discharge, capacity, realtime voltage, peak voltage and time.

And there is more - you can use this meter to program Hyperion brushless speed controllers and digital servos.

It comes with a 5 cell NiMh pack for power, and the pack can be recharged from your flight pack..

Accessories available
Programming cable for connection to Hyperion TITAN and ATLAS speed controllers - the Emeter can then program the controller - $6.00

I can also supply a USB cable for connection to your computer for $35.00 - this allows a Windows-based analysis software download and tells you more about your set-ups.

The new Emeter includes:
• In-flight shunt to record data and playback at the field on the Emeter
• Switchable back-lit screen
• More detail displayed on screen
• Enhanced servo programmer and tester
• Capability to store thrust and prop constants
• Battery voltage monitor and longer battery life
• In-flight data logger

The new Emeter II is now available and I have already supplied many to happy fliers

Emeter II - $119

LDU (Local Data Unit) - $29
RDU (Remote Data Unit - records data in flight) - $89
SD Disc with Prop Consonants loaded - $19