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Balancing props is essential in electric flight. You cannot assume that a manufactured prop is already balanced. The Great Planes balancer featured here is simple and effective. You insert the propeller between the two cones and do them up finger tight. You then hold the balancer shaft between your thumb and pointer finger holding the pointy ends just firm enough to allow the prop to rotate. The heavy blade will drop to the bottom. You need to sand the top surface of this blade with very fine sand paper until it balances. For a description about balancing props, click here.

The above link describes how to use this prop balancer to balance folding prop blades - you simply do up the swivel bolts until the folding blades are held firm, ensure that the prop is straight (I push it down on my flat building board) and then balance in the normal way. After sanding, realign the blades to the straight position - they sometimes move during sanding.

Great Planes Prop Balancer: $14.95